Director of Chapter Operations

Name: Bryan Carlson

Major: Accountancy

Year in College: Graduate Student

Goals after graduation: Upon graduation I would like to pass the CPA exam and become a CPA. Afterward, I would like to start my career working for a small to mid sized public accounting firm doing tax work. I hope to help my clients figure out the best ways to minimize their tax liabilities by finding the best deductions and credits for them to take. After working for a public accounting firm for a couple of years, I would like to find a non for profit organization that I’m passionate about and help them with their accounting needs.

Position: : As the Director of Chapter Operations (DCO) one of my duties is to make sure that chapter always has a location for weekly meetings and events.  I also keep track of the point system that is in place for the General Members of PSE. I let General Members know their point totals by using a Microsoft Access database. I also have to make sure we focus on the task on hand during chapter meetings.