Director of Information Systems

Name: Ryan Nowak

Major: Accounting

Year in College: Junior

Goals After Graduation: My goal after graduation is to obtain my CPA certification and to go into public accounting with a company in the Chicago area.  I will also want to look forward to traveling around the country and visiting as many places as I can.

Position: The Director of Information Systems (DIS) actively seeks out new technologies that can benefit the chapter as a whole. This can range from increasing productivity of the members or new products that may help with some of our business partnerships. As DIS there is continuing challenges that arise that must be handled in an appropriate manner and allow for swift implementation. The main responsibilities include:

Maintaining the chapter website
Maintaining email accounts in working order
Maintaining and updating social media pages
Development of new technology processes
Teaching/Informing chapter members of new technologies available
Partnering with other executive board members to help increase job productivity